1966 AC Cobra Classic Car Personalized Sign with Snake Emblem

White British Sports Car Sign with Custom Name CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Whether you own a classic British sports car or have only dreamed of owning one, you can still admire their beauty and craftsmanship with our AC Cobra vintage car sign! This handsome wall art includes a solid white 1966 Shelby AC Cobra with a wide black stripe on the hood. The dark background creates an eye-catching contrast along with large red text displaying your custom name! You can change the name only or any of the lines of text to your favorite words or phrases.   If you’re looking for a car sign with a specific make, model and/or color, please click Design a Sign to order a sign made to your specifications.

  • Printed on Durable Vinyl
  • Mounted on 1/2'' Weatherproof PVC
  • UV Protective Laminate
  • Display Indoors or Outdoors
  • Keyholes on Back - Ready to Hang

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