The History of Fun Sign Factory

Well, back in the day when my husband was toiling in the farmlands of Los Angeles (hehehe), we decided it was time for a change.  We moved to Florida and left our two businesses behind; a trendy clothing store and a gift/home decor store.  When we moved here there were no great opportunities for these types of stores so we knew we needed to try something new! 

In 2006 I attended a local street festival in Delray Beach, Florida, and bought a sign from a vendor who was selling business opportunities.  I figured, hmm, I'm creative enough to do this (making personalized signs) so I contacted this guy.  I had always had a creative spirit and my husband has always had a passion for working with his hands so we thought this opportunity was perfect for us!  I would get to express that creative streak and he gets to exercise that innate love of handmade work on a daily basis and, drum roll, Fun Sign Factory was born.

With our business opportunity came the Florida territory, so we started to do street festivals, home shows, car shows and then decided to take it online.  We saw there was a lot of competition out there but we felt we were unique enough because we didn't just insert a name onto the sign; we could really customize it to the customer's desires.

From there was born the idea for our unique "novelty" rope signs and a whole new line of signs were developed. Our signs are handcrafted and unique. We design, print and assemble each piece with great attention to detail and truly love what we do. All the materials are carefully sourced because quality is extremely important to us.  We now sell our signs on our website, Amazon, Etsy and Ebay, but have given up the festivals.

Our online shops are ever changing and growing rapidly as new ideas come up! We are constantly adding new and fun signs. Making that special sign for a customer and knowing that it will bring years of enjoyment day in and day out gives us such satisfaction! We love that we get to share in this enjoyment and we are honored when customers choose us to make that special sign just for them. We are grateful every day that we get to spend our time doing something we love!

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