3 Fascinating Facts about Wine

3 Fascinating Facts about Wine

Love wine? Check out these three fascinating wine facts.

Archeologists discovered a wine cellar older than King Tut.

Researchers from George Washington University and the University of Haifa discovered a wine cellar in Northern Israel dating back to about 1700 B.C. A total of 40 jars were unearthed in a storage room 15-by-25 feet,  

Wine starts out clear in color.

It is the skin of wine grapes that gives red wine its color. The skin is added in during the fermentation process. The skin isn't added during the fermentation of white wine, which is why the color is so light.

Don't believe the hype- most wine does not improve with age.

Most people believe that wine gets better with time. However, that is only true of less than 10 percent of all wines, including Chateaux Bordeaux. So get out the wine glasses! 

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