5 Christmas Decorating Trends You’ll be Excited for in 2020

As fall turns to winter, we inevitably start thinking about Christmas. While the holidays this year will be vastly different, perhaps with muted celebrations and smaller gatherings, we can still take pride in decorating our homes. For 2020, Christmas decor is all about simplicity and sustainability, with a sprinkling of nostalgia too. Recycled materials, repurposed decorations, and personalized touches are the keys to a cozy Christmas 2020.

Below are the 5 Christmas decorating trends that will bring festive cheer to what’s been a stressful and gloomy year.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

With the rise of eco-conscious consumerism, the top trend for Christmas 2020 is green – but not the color! Instead, “green” means buying sustainable gifts and recycled decorations, and swapping paper gift wrap for reusable fabric wrap.

Fa-la-la-la Less Waste!

Continuing the green Christmas trend is the idea of reducing what you buy and reusing what you already own. This trend is both eco- and purse-friendly. You’ll lessen your impact on the planet by not discarding your old decorations and save money by not buying new ones.

The Magic of Memories

Christmas is a time for family, but if some family members are shielding, you can still have them over in spirit. Just raid the attic for grandma’s vintage decorations! Passed-down pieces and family heirlooms will add a comforting feel and spark magical memories.

Nice and Natural

If you do buy new decorations, choose ones made of natural materials like wood and felt. The farmhouse look is big for Christmas 2020; its emphasis on simplicity and calming colors is perfect for this chaotic year. Whites, neutrals, and greys are the key colors, while a hint of buffalo check can be added to lift your scheme.

Personalized Pieces

Maybe you can’t invite the whole street over for Christmas dinner this year, but you can still show that loved ones are in your thoughts. Simply hang a personalized Christmas sign on your porch for a warm and welcoming feel!

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