5 Easy Ways to Achieve Beautiful Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to decorate your rooms with a sprinkling of rustic charm and a dash of warming color. Woodland decor and country-style accessories make your home look so festive and inviting! But if you're lacking inspiration, here are 5 easy ways you can achieve beautiful Thanksgiving decor in your home.

#1. Pick a Pum'kin or Two!

Take the kids to the local pumpkin patch and select the plumpest, most striking squash you can find - then pile them up on your front doorstep to create a welcoming display! A cluster of smaller pumpkins would look cute as a dining table centerpiece.

#2. Take a "Leaf" out of Nature's Book

Whether natural or fake, trailing maple leaf foliage in russet, gold, and copper looks so effective in the home. Hang a swag on the mantel or twirl it around the stair rail for an enchanted woodland vibe. And don't forget the classic front-door fall wreath!

#3. Play with Light to Create Atmosphere

When it's cold outside, dim the lights and group hurricane lanterns by the fireplace. Scented candles will give off a comforting glow and a feel-good fragrance; choose fall-centric scents like apple pie, pumpkin spice, amber, or cinnamon.

#4. Dress the Table to Impress Dinner Guests

For a Thanksgiving feast with rustic style, craft place settings from brown paper and tie burlap ribbon around the backs of your chairs. Candles, sprigs of foliage, and ceramic pumpkins will all enhance the look.

#5. Welcome Your Family with a Thanksgiving Sign!

We have a varied collection of Thanksgiving wall signs, some of which can be personalized. Go for homespun style, celebrate the Pilgrims, or pick a fun turkey design to give the kids a giggle while they gobble their dinner!

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