5 Must Haves for Your Home Bar

5 Must Haves for Your Home Bar

Home bars have become popular as people look for ways to drink and socialize without having to drive. Statistics show people under 30 prefer to drink at home than anywhere else. No matter where you set up a home bar, there are several items you should include to look like a pro.

Soda Siphon:

Bring on the bubbles! A soda siphon is perfect for topping off a mixed drink. The CO2 cartridges in a soda siphon transform regular water into a bubbly carbonated drink.

Bottle Pourer:

Pour liquor as easily as the bartender in your favorite drinking establishment with a speed or bottle pourer. Your guests will be impressed and you will earn major cred.

Bar Spoon:

This isn’t the same thing as the spoons you keep in your cutlery drawer. A bar spoon is long enough to reach down to the bottom of a tall glass with a small spoon bowl for floating liquors. Fish out cherries and stir and layer drinks with ease when you own one of these.


Release your inner Captain Morgan when your preference is shaken not stirred. Mix drinks with a metal cocktail shaker with a strainer inside. You can find them in many styles and designs to match any home bar atmosphere.

Bar Signs:

And speaking of atmosphere…don’t forget a home bar novelty sign. Choose from It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere or one of many other designs. Or why not let everyone know who is pouring the drinks with a custom personalized sign like “Robert’s Neighborhood Pub”.

Make sure your home bar has all the tools you need and that it showcases your own personal style. The next time everyone chooses to stay in you know where they will be headed.

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