5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Game Room

5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Game Room

Game rooms aren’t just for kids- they are great additions to any home. With a game room upstairs, downstairs or down the hall, you have the perfect place to de-stress alone or hang with friends. Here are six tips for designing your perfect game room.

Choose a theme.

Are you a sports fan? Film buff? Music aficionado? Let your tastes guide your decorating style when choosing styles and colors.

Cover the walls with signs.

Hang artwork to create the perfect atmosphere. And don’t forget custom novelty signs for that special touch. Check out “Grandpa Jim’s Game Room- Leave It Like You Found It” or a “Pool Shark” custom sign. How about designing your own sign? Fun Sign Factory offers you that option. Check our complete collection of novelty game room signs and personalized game room signs.

Keep it high tech.

Many game rooms double as media rooms. That means displaying a big screen TV(or two) and a great speaker system. Just be sure to hide the wires if you don’t go wireless.

Make it comfortable.

Although most guests will stay on their feet shooting pool, you also need plenty of comfy seating in your game room. Offer plenty of opportunities to sit with an overstuffed couch and loveseat as well as a bunch of bar stools.

Provide drinks.

Thirsty guests will appreciate a fully stocked bar or well-placed refrigerator containing beer, soda, and water. No matter what your budget, include easy access to drinks.

Include the right games.

Of course the foundation of any game room is…games! Two must-haves are a pool table and football table. Also consider adding a dartboard, shuffleboard table and retro pinball machine.

Grown-ups love games too. Make your game room the focal point of your home and stay a kid - at least on the weekends!

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