Giving Custom Signs as Gifts: How to Create the Ultimate Design for Someone Special

Giving Custom Signs as Gifts: How to Create the Ultimate Design for Someone Special

Custom signs make amazing gifts for birthdays, holidays and milestone events. They are extremely versatile and provide limitless personalization options. If you need a meaningful gift that will really speak to the recipient, consider making a custom sign. The following steps will provide a foolproof way to create the best design for your recipient! 

Start with Their Favorite Colors

Find out which colors your gift recipient loves. If you don’t want to give away the gift by asking directly, there are ways to determine which hues they prefer. Observe what they wear and which colors they tend to gravitate towards when decorating their home. Do they usually reach for a certain color straw when ordering beverages or wear certain color clothing more often? If so, you may already have the basis for your custom sign color scheme!

Work in Their Interests

This step will require more creativity. Choose at least one or two things your recipient is interested in. This could be anything from sports to animals to crochet. If you aren’t sure, make a list of their hobbies and favorite activities. Do they love to watch The Food Network or do they volunteer at their local animal shelter? Do they love to go horseback riding, watch movies or make things? Find items that best represent the things your recipient loves and use them in your custom sign design.

Personalize Signs with Text

The last element you’ll need for your custom sign is text. If you aren’t sure what to write on your design, think about the occasion or reason for the gift. If it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday, then it should be easy to decide what to write on the sign. If you want to do something different, search for quotes from famous people related to the occasion or one of their interests. You can even apply an inside joke or something about a special memory you have with that person!

Once you know what to put on the sign, you can visit our Custom Signs on Request page to begin building the ultimate personalized gift for anyone!

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