Here are the Best Ways to Decorate Your Log Cabin

During the summer months, your thoughts inevitably turn to vacations. And if you're lucky enough to own a log cabin, then that's likely to be your retreat of choice! To make your cabin feel like a home-from-home (and boost its style credentials) take a peek at our selection of log signs then get creative with your decor!

Start with a relaxing atmosphere

If you use your log cabin as a base for hiking, hunting, or other outdoor activities, it needs to feel tranquil; somewhere you can unwind after a day in the wilderness. To do this, the rooms must be cozy, not cluttered, so fill them with comfortable furniture, plenty of throw pillows, and a little mood lighting.

Introduce texture and rustic accessories

A stag's head mounted on the wall is obligatory log cabin decor. But what about soft furnishings and decorative accessories? Lay some woven rugs so the floor feels good underfoot and have blankets to hand to ward off chills during outdoor wine-sipping sessions in the evenings. Cluster candles and hurricane lanterns on the fireplace and perhaps hang up some strings of twinkling lights. Ornaments made of natural materials always look great in cabins too.

Add some personalized family wall art

A custom family sign will complete the homey vibe and help you claim the cabin as your own. We have all kinds of designs, from cartoonish and humorous to rustic and authentic. Each one is printed on durable vinyl that can be hung outside or indoors. Try this lodge sign if hunting is how you spend your vacations, or this charming cabin sign that's perfect for families. You won't want to leave and go back to city life, that's for sure!

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