Home Bar Signs to Welcome Family, Friends, and Fun Times!

Cocktails home bar sign depicting colorful drinks



As we move into fall and winter, thoughts turn to cozy family gatherings and maybe a party or two. To prep your home for guests and good times, why not zhuzh up your bar decor? We have a vast selection of home bar signs for every space and theme. Some can be personalized for added character and a warmer welcome! Take a look at our favorites below. Which will you choose for your home bar?


This personalized tiki bar sign lets you pretend you’re on a Hawaiian island. Depicting a tiki totem among lush leaves, it will bring tropical vibes to your decor. You’ll feel in the mood for a party, even if your bar is on your patio and not in Polynesia.


Continuing the tropical theme, this colorful cocktail bar sign will inspire you to sip until sunrise! The fruity drinks really pop against the black background. It’s a playful design that will brighten up any basement bar. Now all you have to do is practice your mixing skills!


If Merlot is your drink of choice, add a touch of class with this personalized wine bar sign. Stylish in rich colors with elegant font, it’s bound to impress your fellow wine buffs. Open a bottle of red and settle down with friends to make good conversation and great memories.


Maybe rum is your poison? Maybe you’ve secretly always wanted to be a swashbuckling pirate? If so, choose this personalized pirate bar sign! Ye’ll be the captain of your establishment, drinking grog with your shipmates. Wenches are welcome too, of course.


On game night, greet your team with this personalized sports bar sign. Choose from baseball, basketball, football, and soccer to celebrate your lifelong passion. We’ll even customize the design with your team’s colors and logo – and your favorite beer brand!


Finally, here are a couple of quotes that all drinkers can relate to. This funny beer sign will have your buddies rolling on the floor – with laughter, not intoxication! And when you’re pouring the shots, this tequila quote sign will prepare guests for impending nakedness!


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