How to be Happy on Positive Thinking Day

How to be Happy on Positive Thinking Day

While some people are naturally happy-go-lucky types who see silver linings in every cloud, we all know the odd stressed-out, sour-faced Negative Nancy who could use a pep talk in positivity! September 13th is the day to give that pep talk to someone in need of a spark of joy. The date marks Positive Thinking Day, a fun, unofficial celebration of happiness. Now, we don't want to be Debbie Downers, but this year, the day falls on a Friday 13th, so you'll need to summon all the positive vibes you can in order to survive...

What's This Day All About?

Positive Thinking Day is basically 24 hours of good humor. All negative thoughts and self-criticisms are to be set aside in the name of better mental health and wellbeing. It's a day for you to make a conscious decision to see the good in whatever comes your way.

Studies have shown that positive thinking has multiple benefits for your physical and emotional health. It can reduce depression and stress, lower your risk of heart disease, and lengthen your lifespan. At the other end of the scale, negative thinking and attitudes drain your energy and enable stress to thrive, making you feel less than wonderful.

How to Celebrate Positive Thinking Day

Easy - think positively! If you're normally one to complain, try not to - if only for one day! If you know someone who is feeling down in the dumps, give them a lift. Be sure to laugh lots, because laughter is the best medicine! Give a thoughtful gift to someone you love; an inspirational quote sign would be perfect. Above all, try to banish negativity on the day and remember to keep the upbeat vibes flowing throughout the rest of the year!

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