How to Decorate for the Most Spectacular New Year's Party

How to Decorate for the Most Spectacular New Year's Party

New Year's Eve is perhaps the biggest party event of the whole year! And a big party requires big, bold decorations that dazzle your guests and set the scene for celebrating. If you're throwing a New Year's bash for family and friends, take a look at our guide to decorating in the most spectacular way.

Point Guests to the Party

Display a Happy New Year sign or two on your porch to greet guests as they arrive. They'll appreciate the warm sentiment and you'll love how the signs add style to your party decor.

Sparkle and Shine

Sparkly decorations with lashings of gold and silver are always a hit at New Year's Eve parties. This year, rose gold, hot pink, and metallic pastels have been added to the mix to create a trendy, girly vibe.

Reach for the Stars

Stars and moons are classic yet contemporary New Year's party decor. They can be in the form of balloons, banners, hanging decorations, or tableware. Stick to matching colors for a cohesive, modern look then sprinkle confetti on the table and throw glitter everywhere!

Photo Ops

Get some letter or number balloons and spell out "Happy New Year" or "2020" against a plain wall. This will make a great backdrop for your photos; perfect for Instagram and also for creating memories with your loved ones.

The Final Countdown

A fun idea is to hang up a giant countdown clock. Cut numbers and hands from card and pin them to the wall in the shape of a clock face, making sure the hands can be moved. When the ball drop comes on TV, ring in the New Year by counting down with your guests.


Grab a glass of Champagne and raise a toast to the coming year! Happy New Year from all of us at Fun Sign Factory!

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