How to Pack Like an Absolute Pro for Your RV Vacation

How to Pack Like an Absolute Pro for Your RV Vacation

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There's no doubt that hitting the road less traveled in your trusty RV is akin to vacation heaven. Waking up to a different view each morning, sing-a-longs around the campfire, discovering untouched patches of wilderness... pure bliss. But oh the packing can be a nightmare, right?? What to take? Where will it all go?

Relax, and step away from the suitcase. We've compiled some top tips on how to pack like a pro for your next RV vacation, and included a handy checklist of essentials for you too.

How to Pack Smarter for Your RV Trip

While it's important to pack things like safety gear, bed linen, and clothing, there's really no need to go nuts with your packing list. Only take what you absolutely need and keep it all organized because small space + clutter = road trip from hell.

If you're an RVing beginner, you'll learn over your first few trips what you definitely need to pack and what you can leave at home.  

Your Basic RV Trip Checklist:

  • Cooking and eating utensils - because adventuring works up an appetite
  • Campfire fork and matches - those marshmallows won't toast themselves!
  • Food and bottled water - you don't want to go hungry or get dehydrated
  • Bedding and pillows - for sweet dreams in a comfortable cocoon
  • Plenty of towels - for drying yourself off after showering under waterfalls
  • Toiletries and hairdryer - so staying squeaky clean on the road is a breeze
  • First aid kits - because sickness and blisters really spoil your fun on a trip
  • Flashlights and walkie talkies - safety should be your #1 priority in the backwoods
  • A variety of apparel - layer up and you'll be prepared for rain or shine
  • Devices and chargers - a must for staying connected and keeping safe
  • Camp chairs and picnic rugs - to experience The Great Outdoors close-up
  • Little personal touches - make your RV more homely with a personalized RV sign!

Got any funny RV stories to share? Any tips for smarter packing? Any photos of your RV sign on display? Get in touch!

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