Labor Day Decorations to Display with Pride

Labor Day Decorations to Display with Pride

Public holidays are a great excuse to decorate your home with a few extra accessories. And when Labor Day comes around, you can go all-out patriotic with wall art in red, white, and blue. It's also a chance to show your pride and appreciation for the dedicated, hard-working folks in your family.

This year, Labor Day falls on September 3rd. So be sure to choose from our line of personalized family signs to liven up your Labor Day weekend celebrations!

To honor those who protect and serve, how about this American flag personalized police sign? With a stars and stripes backdrop and a realistically styled police badge, it's ideal for showing your support for your neighborhood cops. Add a custom name as a tribute to your loved one who patrols the streets for our peace of mind.

Or how about giving a salute to our brave soldiers? They work hard to keep our country safe and preserve the land of the free! Displaying this patriotic personalized sign on your porch will show where your allegiance lies.

Teachers are one group of workers who surely deserve recognition. A great teacher is a springboard for students to fulfill their potential and go on to amazing things! This teacher quote sign makes a thoughtful Labor Day gift for the educator who rocks your world.

For those who work the land to put food on the tables of US citizens, we have this handsome personalized farm sign. The pastoral scene and depiction of an antique Case tractor will instill pride in your heart for the farmer in your family. Add your custom names and present it to your farming parents as a show of appreciation.

And let's not forget the committed health care providers! We've created this doctor's office personalized sign to give a shout out to the medical community. The cartoony design is sure to make your heart rate rise; it can be customized with Doc's name and specialty. Either gift it to your fave physician or treat yourself in honor of Labor Day.

Which group of workers will you be paying tribute to this September 3rd? And how will you style your Labor Day decorations? Join us on social to share your thoughts and snaps!

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