Must Have Funny Drinking Signs for Your Party Girl Pad

Must Have Funny Drinking Signs for Your Party Girl Pad

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A girly giggle over a glass of something naughty is one of life's little pleasures. So in the spirit of drinking champagne and dancing on tables, we've created a bunch of must-buy funny drinking signs that'll pop your cork and shake up your home bar decor.

So come on, ladies - turn your pad into party central with an *of-the-now* drinking slogans plaque! Just bag your favorite then raise a glass to good times and great memories with your booze-loving BFFs. And remember: drink responsibly (don't spill any).

Found Your Sass at the Bottom of a Glass?

This trending wine poem sign will bring a touch of class and sass to your kitchen or home bar. It also makes a snarky-but-sweet housewarming gift for your drinking partner-in-crime

A Chic, Glam Sign for Ladies Who Love Wine

Upgrade your kitchen wall decor with our wine signs! This one is just like the tipsy youit looks sophisticated but has a cutting wit and clapbacks that slay. It's available as red or white wine themed... hmm... how to choose?

This Tequila Quote Will Keep You Afloat

If your favorite hobby is slamming shots at the bar with your squad, make this slice of wisdom your new life motto! It's a tequila-tastic funny bar sign that'll add a shot of humor and a splash of zingy color to your wall. A salty quip and a sharp design make this tequila sign outrageously on trend

Margarita Time Makes Everything Fine

Bring the sunshine with our fun and frivolous margarita quotes signs! This peppy design will be like the garnish for your tiki bar decor; it's bright and breezy with a joyously juicy color scheme. Cocktail quotes signs are a hot interior trend and totally Instagrammable!

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