Our Halloween Signs are Terrifyingly Trendy and Make Awesome Gifts!

Halloween is creeping ever closer – just like the monster in your closet! So it’s time to start choosing your Halloween decor, to ensure your house is the most spooktacular in the whole neighborhood. We have scary-good Halloween wall art for all types of boys and ghouls, from family-friendly styles to undead designs. Whether your preferred Halloween look is cutesy and fun or creepy and gothic, you’ll find a sign to make you shriek with delight.


Personalized or not, our Halloween wall signs will add horror to your home (in a good way, of course!). They’re eerily perfect for hanging on your porch to terrify the local trick-or-treaters. They’ll bring a bloodcurdling look to your Halloween window display. They also make frightfully good Halloween party decor; with one of our hair-raising designs on your wall, you’ll be the ghost-host with the most!


Our original artwork covers the whole creep-show of Halloween icons, from pumpkins and bats to full moons and cemeteries. Pick a pumpkin sign in vivid orange and green to charm younger kids (who may be afraid of the more supernatural designs). Choose a haunted house sign in spooky black and purple to please wannabe ghost hunters. Or go for a ghoulish graveyard sign to shock your party guests!


Aside from being a spine-chilling way to style your home, our Halloween plaques make ideal gifts too. Welcome that creepy and kooky new family to the neighborhood with a personalized Halloween sign. They’ll appreciate the sentiment and the new holiday decor! If you think the grandkids will get too much candy, a cute piece of pumpkin wall art makes a great alternative gift. And if your best “fiend” loves wearing black, casting spells, and watching horror movies, a Happy Halloween sign makes a thriller of a gift!

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