The Best Home Theater Signs for Your Movie Room!

Movie time sign with popcorn, soda, and movie reel design


Bring Hollywood home with a ready-to-ship or personalized movie theater sign. Unique and vibrant, our designs are worth rolling out the red carpet for!


Invite a touch of Hollywood magic to your room with our exclusive home theater signs. We have a vast selection of designs, from modern to retro to Art Deco glamour! They’re great for adding extra magic to family movie nights – just add snacks for that classic movie theater experience. Take a look at our best designs and choose your favorite!


A Star-Studded Event

Bursting with star quality, this jazzy design will elevate your movie room decor! It’s perfect for displaying while you watch the Oscars on TV. Even the biggest Hollywood stars can’t compete with this wow-factor sign.


A Movie Classic

Go old-school with this cinema marquee that features Art Deco styling and a bold color palette. This sophisticated design will impress your VIP guests on movie night. It also makes a fabulous gift for a movie lover or new homeowner.


Your Ticket to Tinseltown

Depicting a director’s chair, clapboard, movie reel, and more, this home theater sign is a blockbuster! Maybe it’ll inspire you to pursue a career in acting or directing? It’ll bring a touch of class to your decor anyway!


The Tasty Choice!

What’s movie night without popcorn and soda? Direct everyone to your homemade concessions stand with this movie snacks sign. The cute characters and bright colors will bring a family-friendly vibe to your movie room.  


Silver Screen Dreams

For something a little different, how about this square-shaped home theater sign? It comes in rich purple with a silhouetted city skyline. A cinema marquee appears in the foreground with searchlights and stars. It’s attention-grabbing and so very glam!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Your decor isn’t complete without this classic movie time sign. It’ll have the whole family flocking to see the latest premiere on your big screen. Hang this sign on your wall and we’re sure you’ll be nominated for Best Director!

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