The Best Ways to Achieve the Tropical Decor Trend

The Best Ways to Achieve the Tropical Decor Trend

For lovers of loud and proud color, the tropical home decor trend rules. Characterized by bold, punchy pops of color, oversized leaf motifs, and kitsch accessories, this is not a look for the faint-hearted! If you're willing to take the plunge, then here are the best ways to achieve the look.

The easiest and most budget-friendly option is to work with what you already have. If you're style-savvy enough to have plain white-painted walls then you can simply make them more exotic with soft furnishings and tropical home accessories. The colors will burst out against the white and look all the more effective.

If you're more of a wallpaper kind of person, then an oversized print of palm leaves or monstera is the key to the tropical trend. Add lots of jungle green and fuchsia pink for a vibrant look. Wicker furniture looks great and so authentic; if you'd prefer a luxe take on the tropical trend then add touches of brass or gold that will shimmer against the vivid green.

When it comes to accessories, take your cue from Hawaii and the rainforest! Parrots, pineapples, and hibiscus flowers all work well on cushion fabrics and as trinkets on coffee tables. If you want to go totally tropical, why not dedicate a corner of your room to being a mini bar with a retro drinks stand and a line up of coconutty cocktail mixers!

To bring your walls to life, create a gallery of framed tropical wall hangings, palm tree wall art, and a couple of tiki bar signs or beach house signs from our collection. Then simply open up your shutters and let the light flood in and a cool island breeze flow through your room for a fresh, inspiring, revitalizing feel!

To get the look in a flash, shop our tropical decor signs!

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