The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Tiki Bar Decor

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Tiki Bar Decor

Tiki Bar

A tiki bar in your home or backyard is more than just a place to hang out with friends; it's a chance to set your creativity free! The Hawaiian influence means you can go all-out with color and accessories to make the place as exotic as you like. Here are some tiki bar decor ideas to give your tropical hideaway an upgrade.

Go Bold or Go Home!

When it comes to tiki hut decor, color is the key to achieving that definitive tropical look. The only rule? The bolder the better! Hot pink, jungle green, zesty orange, and sunshine yellow will all bring warmth and evoke island vibes. Add a splash of azure blue for a nod to the color of ocean waves. Keep your backdrop simple and neutral (think tan brown and natural straw) to really make those paintbox colors pop!

Create a Cozy Nook

Pile up the pillows on a corner bench to create a comfortable, intimate seating area. Guests will appreciate being able to take the weight off their flip flops while they sip their piña coladas! Need outdoor tiki bar ideas? Add a few blankets to avoid the chill when the sun goes down. Mix your colors, textures, and patterns for a vibrant look and true tiki style.

Accessorise Without Limits!

Accessories really bring your tiki decor to life. For a heavenly Hawaiian look, mix palm tree ornaments with flower garlands and lots of raffia. For kitsch tropical style, dot pink flamingo and pineapple objects around the bar and string up some colorful lights.

The crowning glory of your tiki bar decor should be a personalized tiki bar sign from our collection! We have a variety of designs featuring parrots, sunsets, and tiki totems so you can get the tiki-tastic look you've been dreaming of. Margaritas, anyone?

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