This New Decor Trend Will Bring Happiness to Your Space!

This New Decor Trend Will Bring Happiness to Your Space!

Of all the new decor trends for 2022, Resort Decor is the most fresh and uplifting. It invites island style into your home via a choice of cool coastal colors or tropical themes. You won’t need your passport for this look, just a few key pieces. Let’s dive into Resort Decor!

Coastal Vibes

If carefree days at the beach are your thing, you’ll probably lean toward the coastal look. This look is characterized by nautical colors such as red, white, blue, and warm sandy tones. Motifs include boats, seabirds, shells, and anchors, while pattern comes from classic ticking stripes. Key materials for furniture and soft furnishings include wood, rattan, cotton, and raffia. The goal is to create a light and inviting space that promotes relaxation!

With coastal-inspired resort decor, you can be as playful or sophisticated as you like. For a family-friendly look, mix patterns and throw in a few cutesy motifs. For a grown-up take, choose white wood furniture and pale blue fabrics, layering textures with rattan and linen accents. Finish your scheme with this – frankly adorable – welcome to the lake sign. It will bring a splash of coastal color to your space, and that cheery seagull is delightful!  

Tropical Getaway

If you want your space to look and feel vibrant and fun, tropical decor is the way to go. Lush greens, hot pinks, and hints of gold will keep the look contemporary. Add bold leaf prints to everything from walls to throw pillows, and accessorize with animal figurines depicting elephants, monkeys, and flamingos. Finally, a group of live house plants such as palms and monstera will transform your room into a joyful jungle.  

There are two ways to style this trend. You can go luxe with velvet pillows and metallic accents, or kitsch with acid-bright paint colors and quirky animal-head vases. Whichever direction you take your tropical decor, the final flourish should be this personalized flamingo wall art. Vivid and on-trend, it will welcome guests to the jungle!

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