Whimsigothic: How to Achieve This Bewitching New Interiors Trend

Whimsigothic: How to Achieve This Bewitching New Interiors Trend

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Channel your inner witch with this spooky-kooky interiors trend! Brimming with luxe textures and celestial motifs, it’s the most magical way to style your home.

Whimsigothic is the spellbinding new interiors trend creating a buzz on TikTok. The look is inspired by a cauldron of aesthetics: A dash of 90s goth, a touch of quirky, and a sprinkling of spooky! If Stevie Nicks is your idol and you adore Tim Burton movies, you’ll fall under the spell of Whimsigothic. Here’s how to achieve the look.


Layer Up Textures

Texture is a key part of the Whimsigothic trend - particularly velvet. Pile velvet pillows on your couch, choosing designs that feature golden embroidery or tassels. Add an embroidered throw, embellish cabinets with crystal doorknobs, and place shimmering ceramics on bookcases for an interesting mix of textures.


Add Rich Colors

The Whimsigothic color palette is all about jewel tones such as teal, sapphire, and amethyst. Gold accents on textiles and accessories lift the moody hues and add a luxurious finish. Pop a teal velvet cushion on your favorite armchair and group gold-colored lanterns on your fireplace for a bewitchingly cozy reading nook.


Pick Magical Motifs

Stars, moons, and suns are characteristic of the Whimsigothic trend. Decorate with hanging stars, stash jewelry on a moon-shaped trinket dish, and snuggle under a blanket featuring a vintage sun motif. Finish with a few celestial wall signs, such as this starry sky design or this dreamy moon quote sign.


Accessorize – A Lot!

With Whimsigothic, more is definitely more! Fill your space with plush velvet and sheer fabrics; crystals and gilded statues; hanging plants and trailing foliage; lanterns and candles (lots of candles!). Don’t forget the power of fragrance – incense will instantly conjure the Whimsigothic vibe and magically transform the mood of your home.

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