Women’s Equality Day: Feel Inspired by These 3 Quote Signs

Women’s Equality Day honors the anniversary of the adoption of the 19th Amendment on August 26, 1920. The amendment gave women the right to vote in the United States – a result of the women’s suffrage movement led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. In 1971, Congress passed a resolution to mark Women’s Equality Day annually, to raise awareness of the suffragists’ work and the importance of gender equality.

Today, women have much more freedom to express themselves, whether they choose to do so by voting or through creative methods. If you’re a woman, you can show your power and personality through your home decor – specifically with an inspirational sign from Fun Sign Factory! Here are three quote signs that will mark you out as an independent woman.

  1. Five Deadly Terms Used by a Woman Funny Quote Sign

If your tongue is as sharp as your manicured nails, this is the quote sign for you. It lists the words that your man should watch out for, along with their real meanings to help him avoid marital mishaps. Don’t be fooled by the pretty pink design; this sign is for tough gals who take no nonsense!

  1. Cowgirl Anything is Possible Quote Sign

Not every woman dreams of a cowboy riding in to rescue her! Country girls can take care of themselves, as this cowgirl quote sign proves. The quote speaks of the power a woman feels when she’s on the back of her horse, while the imagery represents the beauty exuded by strong, free women. 

  1. Stay Classy Funny Quote Sign

A woman’s wit is second to none and her confidence carries her through all of life’s drama. This inspirational quote sign has a wickedly funny message to keep any girl on top of her game. It lets you know you can handle anything - so long as you “stay classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy”. Wise words indeed!

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