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Funny Cat Quote Sign in Black

Thousands of Years Ago Cats Were Considered Gods Cat Quote Sign with Golden Paw Prints


Many centuries ago, man built a unique relationship with felines. They were held in high regard and even considered gods in some cultures. It would seem that our furry friends still recall those ancient days. If your favorite feline thinks he or she is royalty with whiskers, then you’ll appreciate the cat quote featured on this handsome sign! The quote is accompanied by trios of gold paw prints. The text reads: “Thousands of years ago cats were considered gods. They have not forgotten this.” .

  • Printed on Durable Vinyl
  • Mounted on Weatherproof PVC
  • Display Indoors or Outdoors
  • Ready to Hang - White Rot Resistant Rope
  • Size: 16"W x 5"H x 3/8"D



SKU: PM064