Crazy Cat Lady Funny Pet Sign with Living Room Scene and 11 Furry Felines

Crazy Cat Lady Funny Sign with 11 Kitties and Woman Sitting on Pink Chair CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Bring a feline touch to your home décor with our Crazy Cat Lady sign! This design includes a woman sitting on a pink overstuffed chair with her many four legged companions. Even more kitty cats sit on a cat tree while a playful feline-inspired font spells out “Crazy Cat Lady”. This wall art makes a hilarious gift for a fun-loving cat owner, and is a true testament to the love for all those furry felines! Or, maybe you know a "cat lady" who would truly be amused receiving this original Fun Sign Factory sign?

  • Printed on Durable Vinyl
  • Mounted on Weatherproof PVC
  • Display Indoors or Outdoors
  • Ready to Hang - White Rot Resistant Rope
  • Size: 16"W x 5"H x 3/8"D

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