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Novelty Remove Shoes Sign With Sheriff Turtle

Novelty Welcome Remove Shoes Sign With Sheriff Turtle And Muddy Boot Prints


Yee-Haw! This tenacious turtle sheriff is here to tell your guests to leave their muddy boots at the door when they visit! Let family and friends know they're always welcome - so long as they keep your home clean and pristine - with this awesome novelty remove shoes sign! Featuring a gun-toting turtle dressed as a sheriff, muddy boot prints, plus classic and Wild West-inspired fonts, this novelty welcome sign will make a rootin' tootin' addition to your hallway, porch, or lounge décor. You wouldn't wanna mess with this shell-backed sheriff, so display this cute and funny family sign to let cowboys and cowgirls know you like to keep your home a mud-free zone!

  • Printed on Durable Vinyl
  • Mounted on 3/8" Weatherproof PVC
  • Display Indoors or Outdoors
  • Ready to Hang - White Rot Resistant Rope
  • Size: 16"W x 5"H x 3/8"D
SKU: PM531