Personalized Golf Cart Parking Sign with Golf Cart Silhouette and Funny Tag Line

This awesome golf cart parking sign clearly warns anybody who is even thinking about pulling into your spot. No, they won’t get towed away, they’ll get clubbed! Never again will your spot be taken by one of your fairway buddies. Great for the golf course, the garage, or the man cave, let everyone know your sense of humor and your passion for golf. All on one sign! This unique sign features a green border dotted with golf balls, a grey profile view of a golf cart, and huge text reading “Barry’s Golf Cart Parking – All Others Will Be Clubbed.”

Along with a custom name, you can request changes to any line of text that appears on the sign.  Please use the form provided on this page to submit all name and text changes when you order.

  • Printed on Durable Vinyl
  • UV Protective Over-Laminate
  • Mounted on .40 Aluminum or Plastic
  • Top and bottom holes in metal
  • No holes in plastic (double-stick tape provided)
  • Plastic not recommended for prolonged outdoor use
  • Fun Sign Factory