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Rainbow Bridge Poem Pet Loss Sign

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Sign with Poem and Flower Meadow


It can be hard to find the words to express your sorrow at losing a faithful animal companion. This beautiful pet memorial sign is a touching tribute to your furry or feathered friend, with its soothing sky-blue background, pretty flower meadow imagery, and Norse-legend-inspired rainbow bridge poem in an elegant font. It will give you peace, solace, and hope in your time of grieving; why not display it alongside photos of your beloved pet, as a wonderful reminder that you will one day meet again? This rainbow bridge sign is also the most thoughtful of pet memorial gifts for a friend or relative who has experienced the loss of their pet. 

This poem reads:

When it comes time to leave this earth, Your beloved friend's soul is blessed with rebirth. They make their way down to a meadow so lush, Where the sun shines brightly and clear waters rush.

Time stands still in this tranquil place, Where all creatures frolic, run, play, and chase. This beautiful land between this world and next, Is where each pet's soul can finally find rest.

Free of their pain, suffering, and sadness, Their bodies renew, their hearts fill with gladness. As they bathe in the sunlight they start to heal, Then romp, carefree, with the new strength that they feel.

The air is sweet as joyfully they play, Bright-eyed and lively, until one day; Their nose starts to twitch, their senses are stirred, Was that a familiar voice that was heard?

In an instant, your hearts leap and your eyes meet. You run forward, arms open, your pet you do greet. Memories come flooding of times gone past; No longer alone, you're together at last.

The sorrow you felt while you were apart, Is replaced with joy that fills up your heart. Hugging your pet for what feels like forever, You smile and cross over the bridge together.

• Printed on Durable Vinyl
• Mounted on Weatherproof PVC
• UV Protective Laminate
• Display Indoors or Outdoors
• Ready to Hang - Keyhole on Back
• Size: 5”W x 16”H x 3/8”D 


SKU: PM565