11 Simple Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

11 Simple Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

The holidays are over and it’s time to think about packing up the festive decor you so carefully placed throughout your home. If you have a plan, you can keep this process as painless as possible and make it easier to get your holiday decorations out again next season.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 1: Get Rid of the Old and Worn

Unless there is some serious sentiment behind an old item, it is best to clean out anything that is looking worn or used up. Getting rid of items that have outlived their functionality and beauty will prevent a build-up of decor and free up space for new decorations.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 2: Organize with Upcycling

Upcycle items like toilet paper and paper towel tubes to organize and protect small holiday decorations. Power cords can be wrapped and inserted in a tube while smaller ornaments can be tucked inside with the ends folded.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 3: Invest in Some Plastic Totes

Since you will save and use holiday decorations year after year, it is best to invest in some plastic totes. Cardboard can rip and won’t hold up if they come in contact with moisture. Plastic bags can also easily tear open. Plastic totes are sturdy and can last for years! Some retailers even sell red and green seasonal colors so they are easier to identify.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 4: Put Everything Away Clean

Dust off your holiday decorations before you put them away. The cleaner they are, the better they will look next year. As long as they are stored in a sturdy container, they should need minimal prep work next time around.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 5:  Store Similar Items Together

Rather than stuffing everything in the same container, try to organize items so similar decorations are together. For example, novelty holiday signs can be wrapped and placed flat in a box with other signs, plaques and similar flat objects. Fragile, lightweight ornaments like Christmas balls can be placed together while heavier fragile items like ceramic ornaments can be stored in a separate container to prevent smashing.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 6: Use Wreath Containers

Keep your Christmas wreathes looking full and beautiful by storing in wreath containers. These plastic tote type containers are usually round and snap closed to keep your wreath safe inside. You’ll need to do minimal fluffing next year.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 7: Label Your Decorations

A few labels can save you a lot of time next Christmas. Use simple labels to identify the contents of boxes. Labeling is really easy if you store similar items together.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 8: Unknot Christmas Light Cords

Untangling Christmas lights is easily the most dreaded part of holiday decorating. Make sure you carefully wrap all your cords up in an organized manner. If you prefer, you can always invest in a reel or smaller container to keep your light stash tangle-free between uses.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 9: Write a Note for Future Yourself

Notes are a great way to stay organized when decorating next Christmas. If you have to pack any mixed item boxes, create a written list and place inside before closing so you have a quick reference for next year. Notes can also be used to write reminds to buy new lights or other items that may have not made it through this season.

Holiday Decorating Storage Tip 10: Make Repairs Now

Any ornaments or objects that need some repairs or touch ups should be taken care of before packing. Make sure everything is put away in ready-to-use condition. You’ll thank yourself next year when nothing needs fixed or thrown away!

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 11: Set Aside Time for Holiday Packing

Don’t leave packing up the holiday decorations to random times when you have a moment. This can cause you to feel rushed. Make sure you set aside ample time to do it the right way. You don’t have to do it all in one day, but scheduling time in will ensure that you use your packing time effectively and don’t cut corners that you’ll regret next year.
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