5 Signs That Will Make The Perfect Home Theater Before The Oscars

5 Signs That Will Make The Perfect Home Theater Before The Oscars

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, now is the time to get your home movie theater spruced up and ready for viewing parties. You take care of the seating, screen, and snacks, and we'll take care of the decor. Below are several options for adding a classy personalized touch to your home theater in a variety of styles.  There are many more in our Custom Home Theater section.

You can customize any of the lines of text in the signs featured below. Add your name and place it at the entrance of your home movie theater, or add the name of your favorite film buff and give it as a thoughtful, personalized gift.

1. Old Hollywood Charm In Classic Silver

The first Academy Awards took place in 1929, in the early days of the "talkies." Our Charlie Chaplin custom home theater sign will instill old school Hollywood charm into your home theater and bring your guests back to the glamorous days of the silver screen. This home theater decor features an illustration of Charlie Chaplin, an instant reminder of silent film's bygone days (and in fact a recipient of an honorary award at the original Academy Awards ceremony). The custom sign also displays your name or a word of your choice in a retro font, with a camera, director's clapboard, and film strip.

2. Colorful Marquee For The Excitement Of Movie Night Out

Give your Oscars party guests all the excitement of a movie night out in Hollywood right in your own home theater. Our colorful marquee personalized sign has a bold, colorful design that recalls the glitz and excitement of movie premieres and red carpet events. You can customize the name of your home theater and marquee text, which is surrounded by a glamorous neon lights illustration.

3. Retro Movie-Going Fun

Maybe you're hoping to re-create the movie-going experience in your home theater. This "Enjoy the Show" personalized sign will give your home movie theater a professional feel. The clever illustration recalls retro movie openers at the theater, with red curtains, neon lettering and dancing popcorn, clapboard, and movie ticket illustrations. This retro customized decor will make your home theater the place to catch up on Oscar-nominated movies this year before the awards ceremony.

4. Bring Your Audience Behind The Scenes

A major element of the Academy Awards is celebrating what happens behind the scenes. You can focus on the magic of movie making with a personalized director's chair sign, elegantly designed with a film reel, megaphone and gold background. When your audience arrives and spots this personalized home theater sign, they'll immediately feel the energy of action on a movie set. And of course, you're the director of you own home theater, so what better way to take credit for your work?

5. Design For Drama And Elegance

Maybe you're looking for a more subdued, elegant look, especially in preparation for the stately Academy Awards. In that case, it's important to look for richer colors and classic themes. Our stage play personalized home theater sign delivers exactly this tasteful look. Your custom name appears in gold font inside a swooping crescent, beside a pair of drama masks and placard, all in front of a luxurious red theater curtain. Whether for an Oscars party or any movie gathering, this home theater decor will provide a professional look that guests will love as much as the screening itself.

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