3 Patriotic Signs for Your Independence Day Party Decor

Blue background with US flag in corner, patriotic motto, and family name


 Show your American pride with these striking patriotic signs.

They’ll bring red, white, and blue style to your Fourth of July celebrations.


Have you planned your Independence Day festivities yet? If you’re thinking of hosting a party, you’ll need some eye-catching decorations! Our patriotic signs are ideal for every type of celebration, from casual backyard barbecues to dinner parties with extended family. Take a look at our top three personalized patriotic signs below. These stunning designs will make a bigger impact than any Fourth of July fireworks!


  1. Rustic Effect American Flag Sign

Boasting a splash of color against a rustic background, this patriotic sign is something special. In the center is a Stars and Stripes US map, while your family name appears above. If your family has a patriotic motto, we can add that below the flag. This sign is inspirational from its design to its construction; the piece is proudly made in the USA by a veteran.   


  1. Modern Patriotic Welcome Sign

Showcasing contemporary style and a bold red, white, and blue color palette, this patriotic sign is sure to impress. It depicts a rippled US flag across one corner, along with a spirited catchphrase and your family name in prominent letters. Display it on your porch to invite fellow patriots to your home or make it the centerpiece of your party decorations.


  1. Military Seal Patriotic Sign

This design is exclusively for military families, veterans, and those who have lost loved ones in combat. You can request the appropriate US military seal and motto, which will be printed over a faded American flag background. Give this sign pride of place to honor the brave and the fallen during your Independence Day gathering.  

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