5 Best Luau Party Ideas for a Tropical Time!

Personalized tiki bar sign with beach bar and tiki totem design


From cocktails to costumes, decor to desserts - say Aloha to these Hawaiian party ideas!


If you love a party with a tropical twist, take inspiration from Hawaii. Host a luau, complete with tropical decor, fruity cocktails, and hula hooping contests. Read on to discover the must-haves for your luau party, then grab your grass skirt and invite your ohana!


  1. Grill Some Tasty Kebabs

Make Hawaiian-inspired skewers using meat, fresh vegetables, and fruit such as pineapple. Charred to perfection on the grill, kebabs are easy to eat and absolutely mouthwatering! For dessert, grilled bananas topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and coconut sprinkles will go down a treat.


  1. Get Creative with Your Cocktails

No luau is complete without fruity, boozy cocktails - piña coladas, mai tais, and blue Hawaiians are a must! Serve them in fancy glasses with little paper umbrellas or in coconut shells for a taste of the exotic.


  1. Decorate Your Slice of Paradise

Flower garlands, monstera leaves, tiki torches, and paper lanterns will all bring Hawaiian vibes to your space. For a fabulous finishing touch, display a personalized tiki bar sign or tropical welcome sign to direct guests to the party!


  1. Dress for the Occasion

Encourage your guests to wear their most colorful outfits and give everyone a lei when they arrive. Guys should wear Hawaiian shirts (the louder the better!), board shorts, and flip flops. Ladies should opt for grass skirts, coconut bras (if they’re feeling brave!), and a flower in their hair. Why not give out prizes for the best-dressed guests?


  1. Let the Games Begin!

Challenge your guests to some Hawaiian themed party games, such as hula hooping contests, tug-of-war, blow darts, and limbo contests. And don’t forget to play island-style background music; reggae, ukulele music, and anything by the Beach Boys is ideal!

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