5 Decor Ideas for a More Exciting She Shed

Move over, man caves because it's the Year of the She Shed! Women everywhere are making dedicated spaces in their homes and backyards where they can practice self-care and allow their dreams to flourish. Stay-home moms, keen hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and girl bosses all need a place to think, relax, or be creative. So in the spirit of stylish, inspirational spaces, here are our top 5 decor ideas for a more exciting she shed.

Start with this classic personalized she shed sign to let visitors (and annoying family members) know the shed is your private space. Hang it on the door to keep your man, your kids, and all their noise and mess from spoiling your Zen vibes.

If your shed is your work-from-home office, it needs to inspire productivity. Paint the interior in calming or energizing colors and banish all traces of clutter. Displaying this inspirational quote sign will motivate you to hustle hard.

Prefer to craft or paint away your days? This personalized art studio sign both celebrates and encourages creativity. Fill your shed with rainbow colors and pretty things then let your imagination run free.

If relaxing in your shed is your way of connecting with nature, try bringing the outdoors in with this butterfly wall art. Choose accessories made of natural materials then add an armchair from which you can admire the birds in your garden.

Maybe your shed is a place to hang out with your girlfriends every Friday night? If so, you'll need this happy hour sign! Decorate with strings of lights, plump pillows, and tropical accessories to create a private bar in which you can sip gin and gossip all night long.

Hey girl, are you lucky enough to have your own she shed? Then show off its gorgeous decor on our Facebook page!

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