5 Easy Tips for Winterizing Your Outdoor Decor

5 Easy Tips for Winterizing Your Outdoor Decor

Winterizing your home decor will ensure that each item lasts far longer. The elements can be very hard on many materials – even those that are meant for outdoor use. If you want to get the best return on your outdoor decor investment, you should make sure your home is ready for the cold weather.  The following five tips will help you get started so your home decor lasts longer and looks amazing year after year!

Prep Water Fountains Before It Gets Cold

Anything that uses a water source can be a big problem when the temperature drops to freezing. Water fountains should be addressed earlier, before frigid conditions have a chance to appear. Make sure all water is drained from the fountain. A cover is highly recommended to keep all moisture out. If you don’t plan to use a cover, make sure you put towels, blankets or something absorbent inside the basin and each tier. This will stop water from getting inside and causing cracks.

Protect Patio Furniture, Pool Accessories, Anything Movable

If you can put it away in a garage, shed or attic, it is generally a good idea to do so. If your patio furniture is going to spend the cold months outside, make sure you store all cushions indoors. A cover can help protect the finish. Depending on where you live and what the climate is like, this may be sufficient to protect patio furniture and accessories. Otherwise try to fit them inside a sturdy structure until spring.

Apply Sealant on Wood and Painted Surfaces

A sealant can be used to create a protective layer over wood and painted surfaces. This would be a product that is painted on and forms an invisible layer on top of your decor. This won’t work on all materials, but wherever possible it can be very helpful. Sealant can stop cracks and will help block moisture in the air or in the form of rain or snow.

Consider Cedar Wood When Buying Decor

If you want to use wooden decor all year round, consider going with cedar products. Cedar is very durable because it retains its appearance even when exposed to the snow. Many beautiful things are crafted using cedar, so it’s both versatile and long lasting. Make your cedar wood go the extra mile by also applying a water repellent preservative.

Move Signs to Winter Safe Places

Our decorative signs are very durable and can be displayed all year round. If you want to keep yours for longer, consider moving it to a display area that won’t be effected by the wind. Hang flat against a wall or on a door. A sign braced against a solid surface will fare better than one on a post or pole when the strong winter wind blows. Under an overhang is also a great choice because the outdoor sign will receive even more protection from moisture. 

Winter Dock Sign

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