4 Traditional Thanksgiving Symbols & How to Use them in your Fall Decor

4 Traditional Thanksgiving Symbols & How to Use them in your Fall Decor

Every holiday favors certain objects and figures that hold special meaning. Thanksgiving is no different. It’s easy to identify the symbols of the season just by looking for common themes among the decorations and dinner table. You can add a traditional touch to your home this year by using our holiday signs to incorporate these beloved symbols into your thanksgiving festivities!

Pilgrims & Indians

Let’s start with the obvious symbols of Thanksgiving: pilgrims and Indians. Most children learn the significance of these historic characters at an early age.  The story is set in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. A celebration was held that included a feast to commemorate a particularly good harvest. It is estimated that 90 Native Americans and 53 pilgrims participated.

Our Thanksgiving sign collection includes a vibrant design with a warm holiday wish and these famous figures. The pilgrim sign features children in traditional attire while the Native American version includes a pair of young Indians in feathers headdresses and leather clothing.

Cornucopia Thanksgiving Sign

The Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty

The cornucopia is a horn shaped container that’s filled to overflowing with fruits, vegetables and other tasty harvest goodies. Most modern Horns of Plenty consists of woven baskets however traditionally it was a curved goat horn.  This symbol is always depicted as spilling over with abundance.

Our traditional Thanksgiving holiday sign features a wood plank background with a classic cornucopia and beautiful November sunset. This decoration can be personalized, making it a great welcome sign for the fall holiday!

Ears of Corn

Corn is one of the most colorful Thanksgiving symbols.  There are many warm hues featured that match the harvest theme of the holiday.  This food item is important because it is believed that the Native Americans knew how to grow corn and shared their knowledge with the pilgrims to help them survive the harsh winter season. Our traditional Thanksgiving sign also features beautiful ears of corn.

Tasty Turkey

Turkey is easily one of the most popular (and delicious) of Thanksgiving symbols.  This bird became famous when it was chosen as the main course at the first feast. Four wild turkeys were said to have been prepared and enjoyed. Today, families across the country make a point to pick out the biggest, juiciest bird to share with friends and family!

Our turkey family personalized sign isn’t edible, but it features adorable fowl with fall leaves and pumpkins. Add custom names and text and hang on your front door so loved ones feel welcomed when they visit for the holiday!

Thanksgiving Turkey Personalized Sign

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