5 Tips for Choosing the Best Holiday Decorations for Your Home

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Holiday Decorations for Your Home

The holidays are fast approaching. Black Friday has passed and we’re heading into the thick of gift buying season. That also means everyone is hurrying to find the perfect Christmas decorations for their homes. There are so many options to choose from this year, and each offers a unique personality and style that will add charm to any entertaining space. Read the following tips to find holiday décor that will really wow your guests!

Christmas Decoration Tip 1: Choose a Seasonal Color Scheme

There are a few popular color schemes people usually turn to for the holiday season. These are very safe bets if you want to add a festive touch to your home. Whether you’re going with classic red and green, blue and silver or doing something different, make sure you have a color scheme chosen before you start buying Christmas decorations. This will create a consistency that ties your home together perfectly (and allows you to avoid clashing).

Christmas Decoration Tip 2: Reusable Holiday Decor is Better in the Long Run

Since many households decorate each year, reusable decor is preferable to one-time-use items made of thin paper and similar materials. Christmas signs are a great choice because they are very durable and can be displayed indoors and outdoors. That means you have more options each year when figuring out where to place everything. You’ll also have less to buy each year which means more money stays in your gift buying budget.

Christmas Decoration Tip 3: Know Your Holiday Style

Some people prefer a more traditional style with more detail. These often feature nostalgic Santas with jolly bellies, burning candlesticks and Christmas trees covered in garland and decorations. Others prefer a more modern approach with simpler designs and less extravagant fonts. Designs like our red and green owl holiday sign or our gingerbread sign are great examples. Traditionalists may prefer something similar to our red ornament Merry Christmas sign. Make sure you stick with your preferred style when buying new holiday decorations.

Christmas Decoration Tip 4: Safety Always Comes First

Safety always comes first when decorating for Christmas. Choose décor that is safe based on the age groups of your household. Avoid placing swallow-able trinkets within reach of children and pets. Also, remember to keep lit candles away from flammable objects. Consider switching out your real candles for realistic LED or flameless versions. They look just as warm and cozy and can be used next to paper, fabric and other flammables safely. Even children can handle them and they can be used year after year.

Christmas Decoration Tip 5: Focus on Guest Entertaining Areas

Make sure you do not neglect areas that are likely to entertain guests when Christmas decorating. Start with the first place your guests will be – the front door and entryway. A holiday welcome sign is a wonderful way to greet visitors. Hang alone or with a festive wreath for added effect. Your guests will really feel the spirit of the season from the moment they arrive!

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