5 Irish Signs to Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Get your Paddy’s Day party started with our charming Irish signs!


St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse for a party, whether or not you have Irish roots! If you’re planning a celebration, set the theme with our Irish signs and wall art. We have a varied selection, including personalized Irish pub signs and funny Irish welcome signs. Just add green beer and traditional Irish food for the most festive time!


  1. A Classic Greeting

Get guests in the mood for fun with your St. Patrick’s Day party decorations. Start by displaying this Failte sign on your front door or porch. It will extend a warm, Irish welcome to your party guests and fly the flag for your heritage.


  1. The Luck of the Irish

With its green and gold color palette, this Irish blessing sign is perfect for your entryway. Guests will be sprinkled with luck when they arrive - and as they leave, feeling worse for wear after all those green cocktails!


  1. For the Craic

With its hilarious drinking quote and frothy beer image, this is an ideal Irish bar sign. Hang it in your kitchen, basement bar, man cave, or wherever you’re hosting your party. It will give guests a giggle as you pass around pints of Guinness!


  1. Shamrock On

Give your tavern a traditional feel with this personalized Irish pub sign. It features a sophisticated shamrock design for a touch of Celtic charm. Why not create an authentic pub’s “snug” where guests can sip whiskey and reminisce?


  1. Raise Your Glass

This custom Irish pub sign depicts the bold colors of the Irish flag and a dripping pint of the black stuff. It celebrates everything you love about the Emerald Isle and can be customized with your personal motto. Guests will be tempted to get tipsy, guaranteed!

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