Barkitecture: How to Create a Cozy, Custom Room for Your Pet

Pet parents are jumping on the trend for specially designed dog and cat rooms.


Barkitecture is the latest interiors trend, focused on giving pets their own dedicated and stylish spaces within your home. It’s a major step up from having a dog bed in the boot room or kitty’s litter tray in a corner of the kitchen. Want to upgrade your furry friend’s living space? Read on for inspiration!


Turn Your Spare Room into a Pet Palace

That unused, unloved spare room? With a little imagination, it can become a cozy retreat in which your fur baby can snooze and play. Pampered pups will appreciate a custom-built bed, a pile of snuggly blankets, and lots of toys for healthy stimulation. Cats will benefit from a comfy armchair to curl up in, and a multi-level cat tree for climbing and exploring.


Build a Doggy Shower in Your Utility Room

Forget muddy paw prints on your pristine floors - design a custom dog-wash station. Your utility room or garage is the perfect spot for a built-in shower. Make it luxurious, with warm running water and a tiled splashback that matches your decor. But also make it practical, with a flexible hose for easy washing, and space to store towels and doggy shampoo.  


Create a Cat Playground in Your Living Room

Think outside the box and design a challenging cat playground in an area of your living room. Make a shelf “staircase” on one wall, where kitty can climb and jump. Build a bespoke cat tree with scratching posts and a cozy hammock for nap time. You could even splash out on some multifunctional pet-parent furniture, like a side table with a built-in cat hideout.


Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Complete your pet room with some cute, themed wall art. This cat quote sign will make you purr with laughter – it’s so fitting for a pampered pussycat! Or how about this design for the cat who commands worship? For your faithful friend, we have this charming paw print design. And as for this dog quote sign, we’re sure any owner can relate!





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