5 Tips for Using Nature Signs in Your Campsite

5 Tips for Using Nature Signs in Your Campsite

Outdoor novelty signs will customize your favorite campsite. Whether you stay in a tent or cabin, you can add a hint of color  and variety to make the space more welcoming. Wall art is a great way to do this because it’s easy to display and requires no floor space which might be needed for necessities like sleeping bags or coolers. How can you use outdoor signs to decorate your camp?

Camp Decor Tip 1: Display on Doors or Pathways as a Welcome Sign

Welcome signs aren’t just for your everyday house. You can use a rustic welcome sign to invite guests to stop by your campsite. If you stay in a cabin, you can display your sign on or near the door that newcomers are likely to use. If you are really roughing it in a tent, you can display your sign on a post near the front of the tent or along the trail or walkway that leads to your campsite. Another option is to hang your sign from a string on one of the tent poles.

Camp Decor Tip 2: Proudly Claim Your Space with a Custom Name

Some camp signs include a custom name. This presents a unique opportunity to really claim your campsite. Pick out a design that includes a name or request a custom order with any other design and incorporate your name by request. Friends who meet up at the same campground can use personalized signs to find one another when they arrive!

Camp Decor Tip 3: Bring More Beautiful Views of Nature into Your Camp

Surrounding yourself in nature can have a profoundly positive effect on well being. Try displaying signs that showcase natural scenes inside your camp. These can be hung indoors when staying in cabins or other sturdy structures so you can enjoy your natural surroundings, even when you’re inside. Our lake and river signs are a great place to start looking for wall art featuring outdoor scenes.

Camp Decor Tip 4: Choose Signs that Feature Your Type of Camping

Camp signs are a pretty broad category when you start browsing all the available designs. Some simply feature natural imagery while others include pictures of campsites. Your camp decor will really complement your home away from home when it matches the type of camping you do. If you stay in a camper, try an RV sign. If you sleep in a cabin, look for signs that feature cabins in the landscape. And if you prefer tents, there are many designs featuring pup tents and more.  

Camp Decor Tip 5: Seasonal Signs are Perfect for Camps

You can also choose your camp sign based on the time of year you plan to travel. There are some styles that feature warm summery scenes while others depict the gorgeous changes of autumn. There are even rustic winter signs with snow and ice. If you camp multiple times a year, change things up by choosing multiple seasonal signs to correspond with the current outdoor conditions!

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