The Grandparent Gift Guide: 5 Ways to Make Grandma & Grandpa Feel Extra Special!

Grandparent gifts are a great way to honor your family’s elders during September – or any month for that matter! National Grandparents Day was celebrated on September 13th here in the United States, however anytime is a great time to send some love to your oldest relatives. The following gift buying tips work whether you’re looking for a great gift for Grandparent’s Day or searching for something special for any other occasion.

Personalize your Grandparent Gift

Gifts you can personalize are a wonderful choice that allow you to create a unique item made just for grandma or grandpa (or both!). Many families have endearing nicknames for their elders. Some go with classic “grandma” and “grandpa” while others might use nana, papa, grammy, mimi, nonny or ona. And some prefer something completely different. It’s nearly impossible to find keepsakes that already feature the less common nicknames, which is why a custom item is so appealing. Personalized signs for grandparents will let you choose the text so the gift is truly one-of-a-kind!

Choose a Grandparent Gift that Complements Their Interests

Everyone has a unique set of interests and hobbies they enjoy. Maybe grandpa likes to fish and grandma likes to sew. Or perhaps they are less traditional and enjoy other pastimes. Try to incorporate your loved ones’ interests into the gift. For example, if your grandparents love to garden, then a personalized garden sign might be a fun option. For the outdoorsy grandparent, there are plenty of fishing, hunting and nature signs that will look amazing when displayed in their den or trophy room.

Give Grandparents a Gift That Will Last

Grandparents appreciate thoughtful gifts that they can keep for years. These are special items that will always remind them of their beloved children and grandchildren – or even great grandchildren! Make sure you choose a gift that will last so they always have that beloved memento close by. Indoor – outdoor signs are appealing because they are designed to be durable so they can be displayed long term and still look just as beautiful as they did the day grandma or grandpa opened up their gift!

Go for His and Hers Grandparent Gifts

If you are buying for grandma and grandpa, then a “his and hers” gift is a smart choice. You can give them each something unique to love. For example, grandma will love the sweet little poem featured on our Grandma hold Me a Little Longer inspirational sign. Meanwhile grandpa will adore seeing his custom name printed along with a ’57 Chevy Bel Air like the design featured on our classic car sign.  Both gifts can be given together, yet hold special meaning for each grandparent!

Turn a Gift into Something Fun for Family Gatherings

Gifts for grandparents can also be used to make family gatherings and holidays more memorable. Choose a gift that incorporates a special event that grandkids and grandparents love. The holidays will be even more festive when grandpa dons his Santa suit next to our Who Needs Santa When you Have Grandpa? Holiday Sign (grandma and grandparent versions are also available). Or give them a whimsical club house sign so they can make visits with the grandkids more exciting! There are many ways to find the perfect gift for grandparents. Explore our collection of signs to find lots of possibilities that will make them smile!

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