Columbus Day Decor for You to Explore!

Columbus Day Decor for You to Explore!
On the second Monday in October, many states in the US celebrate Columbus Day. It's a national holiday and a day intended to honor the date explorer Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492.

Some citizens use the day to celebrate their Italian-American heritage (Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy). Marching bands wearing colorful costumes take to the streets, filling the air with lively music and creating a fun, vibrant atmosphere. At the very least, it means a day off work and school for some!

This year, Columbus Day falls on October 8th. If you're thinking of joining in the celebrations, why not dress your home accordingly? We have bags of choice in our collection of patriotic wall art - just choose your favorite! Or how about welcoming visitors with a snarky piece of Italian flag decor that showcases your sense of humor? While the parades and pageants are in full swing throughout the streets, you and your guests can have your own party in a room decorated with novelty signs.

For a unique take on Columbus Day decorations, you could even honor the esteemed explorer's sense of adventure. If you love to travel and seek out new territories, we have boat decor, dock signs, and RV signs that are sure to appeal! Many designs can be personalized with the captain's name, so whether your vessel is designed to cruise on land or sea, style it up in the spirit of discovery before you head out on your quest!

Set sail for our online store where you'll discover welcome signs a-plenty! And don't forget to share your Columbus Day home decor snaps with us on social!

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