Have a Fiesta on 16 de Septiembre with a Mexican Independence Day Sign!

Have a Fiesta on 16 de Septiembre with a Mexican Independence Day Sign!

Día de la Independencia is a proud day in the Mexican holiday calendar. Each September 16th, Mexicans celebrate the "cry of independence" of 1810, which led to a revolt against the Spaniards and ultimately, the country's independence.

This special day is a riot of color, music and dancing, rowdy parties, and joyful celebration! Wander the streets of any town and you'll likely hear whistles, horns, and cries of "Viva la Independencia!" and be pelted with confetti. The Mexican flag in all its red, white, and green glory adorns every building. The day is a public holiday and a chance to get together with family and friends.

Get ready for fiesta fun!

Of course, no party is complete without decorations! So if you're planning a fiesta this 16 de Septiembre, be sure to browse our collection of novelty welcome signs to direct guests to the food, drink, and good times.

This funny bar sign is a bright 'n' colorful way to greet your guests. It has a witty caption in funky lettering and depictions of two fiesta essentials: margaritas and a sombrero! It's sure to get the party started in style and raise a giggle too.

And for when the good times really start to roll, this hilarious tequila quote sign should set the tone. In honor of Mexico's finest beverage (and a million hangovers), it features a side-splitting quip alongside those all-too-familiar lemon slices and salt cellars.

This design perfectly captures the spirit of Mexico, with its sunny yellow background and multicolored font. It's a fun and fabulous margarita quote sign you can proudly display while raising a glass to your home country.

Display your decor and grab your sombrero!

All this cocktail-themed decor is sure to get you fired up for a fiesta! These home bar signs will add to the excitement of the day (and night!) and also make delightful gifts for family members. So drape your home in the Mexican flag, hang up your new wall art, and get ready to party 'til the sun comes up! Viva Mexico!

Will you be celebrating Mexico's Independence Day 2018 with a fun sign from our collection? Share your photos with us on Facebook!

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