How to Create a More Beautiful Wall Art Display

How to Create a More Beautiful Wall Art Display

Gallery walls are the new trend that anyone can get on board with! A wall art gallery gives you amazing scope to create a unique display of your favorite pieces and is an easy way to stamp your personality on your walls. It brings a splash of color into your room and gives you a chance to show off your creative skills too. A gallery makes a cute talking point when visitors come over and turns your house into a home.
A gallery wall looks incredible in any room but is particularly effective in social spaces like the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Your wall art display can be as relaxed and eclectic or as formal and coordinated as you like - just be sure to keep the look true to your own style and your home's interior.

How to create your wall art display

To start creating your gallery wall, you're going to need a bunch of wall art (of course) - think personalized signs, family quote signs, and inspirational wall hangings. Mix and match designs that you genuinely love, that have personal meaning, and that look great when grouped together. Interspersing them with cherished framed photos and decorative plates will really make your wall sing!
Spread out your wall decor pieces on the floor, arranging and rearranging them until you're happy with the look. Because the key to this trend is your own personal taste, you literally have free reign on what goes on your walls! You can also switch up the display according to the seasons, to new trends that inspire you, when you have a change of heart... it's versatile, adaptable decor for the modern home.
And the best thing about this trend? Anything goes!

Have you made your own gallery wall using Fun Sign Factory signs? We'd love to see your handiwork - show and tell on our social pages!

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