You'll Love These 7 Exciting, Inspirational Wall Art Ideas!

You'll Love These 7 Exciting, Inspirational Wall Art Ideas!

January is the time of year when our thoughts turn to fresh starts, self-improvement, and home improvements. It's a chance to become a better you - and try out a few new home decor ideas too! With that in mind, here are 7 inspirational wall art designs to freshen up your attitude and your room.

1. New Beginnings
This motivational wall art will inspire you to leave the past behind and start anew in 2019. The quote will keep you focused and the gorgeous forest scene will breathe life into a tired-looking living room
2. Positive Vibes
A mantra for your family or a thoughtful home decor gift? This inspirational quote sign is a wish for health and happiness throughout the coming year. The design is elegant and the message effective; display these daily affirmations in your entrance hallway
3. Don't Worry - Beach Happy!
Inspirational wall hangings like this beachy design are guaranteed to fill your home with sunshine vibes! It's a reminder that yes, life will throw some curveballs at you, but you have the strength to adapt and keep on sailing!
4. Embrace Mindfulness
This is surely the most glamorous inspirational sayings wall decor! It combines a fabulous gold-colored background with a quote to help you focus on the here-and-now. Display it by your vanity mirror, recite the lines to yourself, and go make the most of today!
5. Self-Care is in Style
Emotional wellness is just as important as physical health, and this inspirational wall plaque will help you remember that! It's a beautiful, whimsical design of dandelions and butterflies, adorned with wise words everyone needs to heed
6. Focus on Family
Family quote signs are home accessories that never date. They keep you grounded and are a great way to demonstrate your love for every member of your tribe! This pretty design combines fresh green, a colorful butterfly, and a heartfelt phrase
7. Three Little Words
Live laugh love wall decor is a forever-stylish way to beautify your home and boost your mood! This rustic-look design features empowering words to help your personality shine. Dream, dance, sing, play - just do whatever it is that makes you happy!

Got your own personal mantra you'd like to hang on your wall? Get in touch to commission your very own custom sign!

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