How to Decorate with Plants: 3 Fresh Ways to Display House Plants

Personalized garden sign depicting a butterfly resting on pink flowers against a green background


House plants are an easy and effective way to transform your interior. Plants bring color, texture, and a touch of nature into your home, uplifting both your decor and your mood! Whether you’re new to plants or are well-known for your green thumb, check out these fresh ways to display house plants.


  1. Group Plants on a Table

This display incorporates multiple plants for maximum impact! By thinking beyond the traditional “rule of three”, you’ll create a fabulously lush display for your entryway. More is more, so group a variety of different plants in tonal shades, choosing different pots in complementary colors. Stagger the plants’ heights, with the tallest at the back and the smallest at the front. Consider adding a glass cloche or a mini terrarium for extra texture.  


  1. Fill Shelves with Foliage

Shelves are the perfect spot for house plants, no matter the room. In a minimalist living room or a chic kitchen, line up three small succulents in black pots on a floating shelf. In a boho bedroom or WFH space, allow dainty string-of-pearls to trail from a wood-and-rope shelf. And don’t forget your bathroom! A cluster of plants on a wire shelf can turn even a basic bathroom into a relaxing and stylish spa.


  1. Hang Plants High

Take your indoor garden up, up, up by hanging plants from the ceiling! Macrame plant hangers look cute and are great for smaller rooms with limited display space. Leafy plant varieties and trailing fronds look best in this type of display. Choose neutral pots to let the plants’ colors and the macrame’s texture take center stage. You’ll achieve an on-trend look and instantly brighten up your interior. Just watch your head!


Why not complete your house plant display with a personalized garden sign? Our pretty designs work indoors and out – wherever your garden grows!

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