Personalized Christian Signs That Make Beautiful Easter Home Decor

Personalized wall sign depicting Jesus on the cross with Joshua 24:15 bible quote



When you think of Easter home decor, you probably picture cute bunnies, fluffy lambs, and nests of candy-colored eggs. If you have strong Christian beliefs, your Easter decor might instead feature symbolic crosses and images of Jesus. That’s exactly what you’ll find in our collection of personalized Christian signs. Each beautiful sign celebrates your faith and welcomes loved ones into your home. From bible quotes to heartfelt blessings, we have the perfect spiritual signs for Easter 2023. Which will you choose?


Peace and Love

Depicting a white peace dove looking down from Heaven, this is a truly stunning personalized Christian sign. The beautiful blue sky is a symbol of hope; the words are a warm welcome for family and friends. Display this gorgeous sign in your entryway to greet visitors at Easter and beyond. Its meaningful message will be there to guide you, long after you’ve devoured your Easter eggs.


Stirring Words

Keep your family’s faith strong with this unique, personalized bible quote sign. It features Joshua 24:15 alongside a silhouette of Jesus on the cross. There’s a glorious full moon in the image and elegant flourishes that set the design apart. In rich tones of orange and gold, this Christian wall art is a classy alternative to pastel Easter home decor. It also makes a thoughtful Easter gift for beloved neighbors.


Feel Blessed

This god bless sign is like a loving hug for all who enter your home. Set against a bright blue background are three crosses to represent the Holy Trinity. The symbolism will inspire you to reflect on your faith during the Easter festivities. The sign’s overall design is simple yet so effective – made for style as well as spiritual meaning. Hang this sign on your porch for a pop of color and daily inspiration.

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