How to Make Your Home an Exciting Staycation Destination

Since traveling is out of the question right now, you may be thinking of ways to recreate the vacation vibe at home. At Fun Sign Factory, we have plenty of tropical wall art and beach signs to bring your favorite destinations to you. Simply decorate your home or backyard, dress for the vacation of your dreams, grab a drink... and relax!

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If your trip of choice usually involves an island getaway, hang up this tropical sign for a splash of exotic style. The flamingos are on-trend and totally tropical, while the cute quote will have you dreaming of paradise. Or put this personalized tiki bar sign on display - it'll transform your space into sunny Tahiti!

Perhaps you prefer to get your "vitamin sea" from Maine's tranquil, beautiful coastline? If so, this beach house sign in calming shades of blue is perfect for you. And this flip flop wall art will remind you to take time-out on the most stressful lockdown days.

Maybe you're fond of forest hikes and camping under the stars? Well, we've got you covered with this personalized log cabin sign and this charming woodland wall art. Create a rustic scheme in your living room with natural accessories or head outside and toast marshmallows over a campfire in your backyard!

For some folks, staycations are the norm - so long as they start with a good old-fashioned road trip! If that's your thing, celebrate your love of life on the road with a personalized RV sign. You can display it in your rec room or yard until you're finally permitted to hit the dusty trails and explore the wilderness.

What's your favorite type of vacation? How will you decorate your home to turn it into a staycation destination? Let us know on Twitter!

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