Top 5 Signs That Celebrate the Nation's Key Workers

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that there are heroes living among us. Health workers, first responders, teachers, retail workers, janitors, hairdressers; these people are working hard throughout this stressful, scary time to keep our country running. They selflessly risk their health every day to provide us with essential services. At Fun Sign Factory, we think key workers should be honored for their courage and commitment.

So why not choose a business sign from our collection? Gift it to a special key worker or display it on your porch as a tribute. Here are our top 5 business signs that are dedicated to essential workers.

This personalized doctor's office sign

Even if you've managed to stay out of hospital during the pandemic (and we hope you have) your doctor still deserves your praise. So gift this personalized sign to show your appreciation for his or her dedication.

This personalized vet's office sign

During lockdown, veterinarians are working hard to keep the nation's pets healthy. This vet sign will show you're thankful for all the Zoom appointments and consultations!

This custom barbershop sign

If you were first in line for a haircut when lockdown restrictions were relaxed, thank your stylist with this classy barbers sign. It will brighten up the barbershop and show your gratitude.

This adorable, colorful teacher sign

School may be out, but many parents have been home-schooling their kids - and finding it pretty challenging! This cute sign will show your admiration for your kids' teachers. It could also be gifted to another parent who's struggling with home education!

This patriotic police sign

While some folks are getting frustrated with quarantine regulations, the police work hard to enforce the law and protect us. This police sign with stars and stripes will honor an officer who could use a little support.

Are you a key worker, or know someone who deserves a shout-out? Tell us on Twitter!

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