Home Bar Signs to Help You Celebrate National Tequila Day

Have you heard of National Tequila Day: the annual celebration of this much-loved liquor? No, we're not drunk; National Tequila Day is a real thing! Every year on July 24th, liquor lovers raise a glass to all that's amazing and intoxicating about tequila. Nobody knows when or why National Tequila Day was created, but we sure are grateful and can understand the passion for this unique liquor.

Tequila has been around for centuries, originally starting life as a milky drink called pulque back in Mesoamerican times. In the 16th century AD, the tequila we now know and love to sip was invented. Produced from blue agave plants in Mexico, tequila is potent yet smooth and can be drunk neat or mixed with other beverages to make cocktails. Whether you prefer tequila shots with salt and lime or perfectly-mixed margaritas, National Tequila Day should be celebrated in your home bar!

To help you proclaim your love for tequila, we have a great selection of home bar signs, tequila signs, cocktail wall art, and margarita signs. They'll all inspire you to crack open a bottle and get together with friends! This funny quote sign has a tequila-themed quip and a brightly-colored design to liven up your bar's decor. If risqué humor is your thing, get your hands on this tequila quote sign or this funny bar sign.

For a classier look in your basement bar, try this margarita sign. To introduce vacation vibes to your backyard, display this witty margarita time sign. And to make your drinking buddies feel welcome on National Tequila Day and beyond, hang up this happy hour sign!

However you celebrate National Tequila Day, remember to drink responsibly! You want to make memories, not drink so much you forget the night before!

Do you love tequila? What's your favorite tequila cocktail? Let us know on Pinterest!

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