How to Welcome Patrons Back to Your Bar After Lockdown

biker bar sign

Lockdown and self-isolation have been emotionally challenging, so many people are eager to get back to normality. That normality may include a couple of beers with friends or a cocktail-fueled night out with the girls. After all, we're sociable creatures!

If you're a bar owner whose business has thankfully survived closure, you'll have lots to factor into your grand reopening. Of course, there are safety measures to put in place, but once that's taken care of, you can think about sprucing up your bar with some neat new decor! Here at Fun Sign Factory, we have a great selection of custom bar signs that will go a long way to boosting your bar's appeal.

For a game-changing sports bar, consider hanging up one of our personalized sports signs along with flags and jerseys in various team colors. Be sure to represent every team in your town to avoid any fights between fans!

Make a pirate-themed rum bar look ship-shape by decorating with skull-and-crossbones flags. Display a personalized pirate bar sign to show that all swashbucklers are welcome!

Tropical tiki bars should be kitted out with bright and breezy decor. Palm trees, parrots, and pineapple motifs should all feature; make a personalized tiki bar sign your star accessory. Don't forget your Hawaiian shirt - and turn up the ukulele music!

Anyone born to ride will appreciate a biker bar filled with skull decor, flame motifs, and classic rock music. We have a cool collection of custom biker bar signs to top it all off.

If you own an Irish pub, you'll know that good times and big laughs are always on the menu! Celebrate the Irish camaraderie and humor with a personalized Irish pub sign. One with a witty drinking quote will have patrons laughing all the way to the bar.

When you're done decorating with your new bar signs, why not showcase your place on our social media pages?

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