The Latest Trend: Make Your Home More Beautiful with Wall Art

Interior design trends come and go, but the latest is one we wholeheartedly approve of. Influencers and homeowners are filling their spaces with wall art! It’s an easy, affordable way to make your home look more beautiful and add personality to your rooms too. Wondering where to start? Read on and be inspired!


Choose Wall Art That Suits Your Decor

Think about your color scheme and decor theme. If you have a coastal interior of pale blues, crisp whites, and sandy neutrals, choose beach wall art like this inspirational beach quote sign. If your decor is eclectic and maximalist with a tropical twist, this flamingo wall art would be a gorgeous addition.


Factor in a Little of Your Personality

Maybe you love animals, sports, movies, or cocktails? Find a wall sign that reflects your hobbies and passions but complements your decor scheme. For example, if your interior is elegant (with a sprinkling of cat hair on the couch) then this fabulous-but-funny cat lovers quote sign will fit right in. If your home is a beachside paradise and you live for happy hour, try this personalized cocktail sign that’s sure to add character.


Decide How Much Wall Art You Want to Add

At Fun Sign Factory, we think more = better when it comes to decorating with wall art! You could add a single vinyl sign or create a whole gallery wall – whatever suits your room and personal taste. If you’re going all-out with an assortment of wall art, plan the layout first using paper templates. Remember to make use of any wall shelves; novelty signs look great propped next to ornaments, plants, or candles.


Will you be trying the wall art trend? Shop our novelty signs and personalized signs to kick-start your collection!

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